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He was like, the embodiment of beauty during the shooting. Recently, Jaejoong showed us his mischievous side on variety shows, but, during the magazine coverage, he was concentrated on answering us. However, it is only “body”, so it’s just his looks. In this interview, we focused on his “heart”. We were surprised by his humbleness and pureness. There is any noise, distracting, thoughts and unpleasant taste in his hearts. In this November number of “With”, we can recognize that he is strict with himself too. And now, his passion is for concerts, which he has been hoped one. What is here is the “heart” and “body” of the “performance artist” in Asia.


Q: what do you do first when you get up?
A: I check my phone.

Q: tell me the drink and food you can’t live without.
A: Water and rice!

Q: Although your skin is so beautiful, what do you do for your skin?
A: Thank you (lol). I don’t do special things, but I wash my face well. And I do face mask!

Q: The best time of sleeping is?
A: I think is 6 hours. Lack of sleep is bad, but too much sleep is also bad, so I think 6 hours is the best. Actually, when I have no schedule for the day, I sleep for 7~8 hours.

Q: Your fashion when you sleep is?
A: Only shorts.

Q: What kind of meal do you want a lady to make?
A: Fish dishes! It is necessary to fillet fishes, so, a lady who is good at filleting fishes is good at cooking, I guess.

Q: When do you feel happiness in your life?
A: Shopping at a supermarket and when I’m packing foods in the fridge, I feel happy.

Q: Is there anything (that helps) to fall sleep well?
A: No!! I’m just going with the flow.

Q: What are you like when you get drunk?
A: I’ll be hyper when there are many people, but I feel down when I’m lonely.

Finally, I can go to your side.
There’s a moto “spirit, technique and body.”
It is said that artist who is flourishing for world can’t have the best performance without “spirit, technique, and body.”
jaejoong came back from military 2 years ago and his Asia tour was a success last year. and now, he is working proactively in Japan and it’s during hall tour concert. when he’s preparing spirit, technique, and body for his concerts, this interview was had.
“I’m having a hall tour in Japan for the first time in 13 years!
I was able to go to as many places in Japan as I want to in concert. And I’ve been saying that I want to have hall tour in many places… What I always think during concerts is “I want to go closer to the fans!”. and, finally, I could have this hall concert. I am so glad. Remember 13 years ago, I will do my music activity as a new employer.”
although he is on a lot of tv show recently, he couldn’t believe in himself when he was in military, so he swore: “when I go out of military, I will try many kinds of job besides music.”


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【Jaejoong】New song release on October 24! Asia’s leading performance・A direct interview with the artist!


  • Jaejoong “Me for you…”

In With11‘s November issue, we made a special feature with Jaejoong! In addition, his new song will be released on October 24. Asia’s leading performance • We will deliver artist Jae Joong’s ‘Q & A interview’!




Q: Your Japanese is improving. The lyrics of your new single “Defiance” (meaning: Repulsion, Rebellious), has sentences such as “Resist against a cruel fate” and “I freed myself with the awaking heartbeats“, Japanese words that are hard to memorize, but is there a favorite phrase of Jaejoong?
A: “The goddess of victory will smile“, I guess. It’s not an expression normally used. However, rather than saying “I will win someday” normally, I thought that it was quite a cool phrase.

Q: Recently, you were laughing at a comedian in a variety comedy TV show. Besides that, what’s the most recent event where you laughed?
A: Today there’s an unexpected event where I laughed. When we’re leaving the previous (schedule) site, the manager entered the address here in the navigator, it showed “15 minutes to arrive”. But in fact, it took 45 minutes. It’s impossible late. Although I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, no matter how impatience I am, there is nothing I can do about this. “Oh my gosh! The navigator is an idiot!”, I just laughed in the car.

So, rather than laughing, this may be my the most recent “bitter smile” (lol).

Q: Recently, what is the most exciting thing for you?
A: I was traveling around the country doing fanmeetings, and, at that time, the encore didn’t stop even after I left the stage… I was deeply moved by all fans shouting my name without going home (leaving the venue) for a long time. I was not on the stage at that moment, but, even from the backstage, I felt a sense of unity with everyone in the venue. That was strange, but it was a very happy experience. I am truly happy when I’m on stage.

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[#SCANS] 180929 Jaejoong’s Interview In WITH MAGAZINE NOVEMBER ISSUE

Regular Version SCAN Part 1
“I for you …” ver.


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[#NEWS] 180927 Jaejoong @ With Magazine

Jaejoong also demonstrates his own “トリセツ (Torisetsu)” ambivalent charm.

Artist Jaejoong is featured in the November issue of the “With” magazine, his first time in the magazine after solo debut.

Jaejoong showed off a refreshing winter style with a white top. The expressions Jaejoong showed while shooting was said to have a kind of lonely sorrow, but never weak and still powerful ones. This ambivalent charm is a remarkable point when talking about Jaejoong’s picture. Even just gazing at the screen, there is a power that is transmitted to us.

In addition, in the magazine, is included an interview where he that talked about his “トリセツ (Torisetsu)”, and interweaving humor that makes you feel intelligence. The staffs were surprised at Jaejoong who answered in fluent Japanese.

The different expressions of Jaejoong are published in a regular version and an extra publication, the content of the interview is also partially different.



T/N: “トリセツ”(Torisetsu) means ‘instruction manual’ and it’s also a song by Kana Kishino.


Source: https://mdpr.jp/news/detail/1795241
Translation by: iJaeFans

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