[#PICS|#TRANS] 180715 Jaejoong “The Reunion in Memory _ Kobe Day 2

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1 . I plan to work harder to extend beyond 12 o’clock tonight (laugh)
Today is the last day of the Japanese tour. ohhh very lonely.

2.  The ramen that I got up at 1 o’clock the day before yesterday so yesterday’s face was swollen. I thought about holding it up today, but I also eat it today. If I eat a lot at night, the next morning, my face will swollen into bread

3 . Hey, everyone is not saying what I like?
The staff told me that it was because everyone grew old with me. If my hair is half gone, it’s hard to say [Fans: It’s okay!]
It seems that I really imagined that I still have this face but my hair is halfway off. Mom is so strange and I can’t bring a wig right. I’m not singing rock, so I’m flying out.)

4 . The towel that wipes the sweat has my DNA, such as hair. Do you want it?
This kind of conference venue is still good. The words of the small hall, such as yesterday’s “Music Day”, are close to everyone. You can take a lot of my DNA.
The last one is very sorry for hhhh (you are so skinny)

5 . I’ll Protect You is so impressive for everyone , it’s a good time to move and cry. Everyone’s “shou shou…” and they shed tears. Everyone is very touched, but everyone can’t see their face. I saw everyone on the stage with mascara and tears together. Flowing down

6 . Four years ago, from the stage to the backstage, I walked away and said that I was taking off my clothes and then throwing them to the staff. Now I am holding the clothes and telling the staff that it doesn’t matter. “I have changed my life now!”

7 . Performing personal skills in the background [hands-on apple and split it]

8 . I am talking about seeing a lot of great families. Then there is a little sister (sitting next to Dad) called in the middle ~ in the middle, you have to grow up, my father, let me marry my sister later? You are 5 years old this year, wow! Then your Japanese level is the same as me, 5 years old~ 15 years later, come back!

9 .  Yesterday, some fans said that I can see all kinds of me here, so it’s very good~
Standing on the stage, everyone is the clearest and most understandable. I want everyone to see the most authentic me on the stage. But the one who is most stressed on the stage is actually me. It is fun to think about what to say. If you don’t laugh, then it will be boring!

10 . To be honest, I haven’t let everyone see me all until now. I’m still a little hidden on the stage…! After 30 years and 40 years later, I hope that by the time I can really show myself to everyone, in order to wait until that day, everyone will live a long life!

11 . I have been looking back at my previous life since I was four years old. I have experienced a lot of things for 30 years. It’s almost 35 years old now, it’s just a big brother… It’s not like a big brother is an uncle… Is it a big brother who is an uncle? Is it so subtle…??

12 . We can laugh Together, I am very happy, I want to continue this day, but there is a trace of loneliness in this happiness…

13 . Jaejoong additional live event on August 4th 5th At Musashino Forest Sports Plaza

14 . There was a 5-year-old girl in the audience who came with her mom and Jaejoong said he has the same level of Japanese fluency as her He also told her to come to his concert again in 15 years ^^ * He’s so cute .

15 . There was a male fan in the audience who said he came with his mother. Jaejoong said she’s a beautiful woman. But then he asked the male fan if he resembles his father

16 . Just like he did yesterday, Jaejoong said he will sing his new solo single with humble/modest feelings. But then he suddenly said his butt is small and that it’s a humble butt….

17 . 0000.jpg

18 . Now my favorite Japanese phrase is “Aishite masu~ I love you.” JJ was too shy to say this so he let Pasta san (key board player ) say it and added “It doesn’t mean I love you, Pasta. ” He is mean. (Lol)

19 . I become most emotional when I sing “I’ll protect you.” Seeing fans crying makes me cry too. I’ll try not to cry today .

20 . So in order not to cry, I think this & that while singing. “Thank you for protecting me. You makeup is coming off. Your mascara are gone so fix it early.”

21 . When JJ left what was supposed to be his final exit from the stage, no one moved from their seats and just kept cheering and calling JJ, despite announcers asking people to leave… JJ came out finally, he cried

22 . There was no microphone… everyone kept quiet when he signalled to talk.. it was total silence…gave me shivers.. Then he shouted his message…he thanked everyone, said he was so happy and till next events…told everyone to take care.. And the final wave,

23 . JJ: If I really start balding in the future, I would go for hair transplant. So even if I’m balding, I will lie to everyone I’m not. Wig? But it may fly off when I start swaying my head when I sing songs like Mine. What then? Fans :… will catch hold of the wig…

24 . JJ: Then how many wigs should I prepare???!!!! Anyway I will not allow anyone to see me balding….because it is not compatible with my face!! It’s just like how I would shave even if it’s just a bit of shadow. Because it just doesn’t match my face!!!!

25 . While singing Kesho (makeup) JJ remembers things he should have done or could have done in those days, which makes him cry. I’m sure everyone has the same experience in her/his own life.

26 . I told everyone in Sendai that I would be able to make  announcement if I decided to do it 100%. I will not take the venue suddenly on Saturdays and Sundays, I ← secretly think that it might have been kept secret to surprise everyone by announcing in the last of Kobe


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* After the opening song of the first song,  The guests who came in here the first time i will introduce myself : the blood type is O and the 32 years -old Korean. (unique Japanese pronunciation skills), What I like is to chat with everyone. My specialty is to talk to myself. The type of woman I like is a wet woman, because when she sings and dance with everyone, she sweats and everyone is wet. ( I don’t have a type when it comes to women. It changes everyday. Today? A woman soaked in sweat .

* He talked about bald story again !! [ Here The Story ]

* (He cried while singing Keshou ) after this song My tears dripping when I sang Makeup. I was too emotional.

  • jj : When I sang “Makeup”, I seem to have invested too much emotion.It is obviously a female song. There is a sentence in the lyrics, “I will send you a letter, don’t read it with her again.” If you write your own letter, It’s really hard to be taken by someone else and he was shared his experience with ” keshou” lyrics he said “share the letter which is special written for you to others” he hates such things. It’s really annoying when I say it. When I was a kid, he would get shy if others read his diaries. others usually shared about someone they like such as the girl sitting next to me is so cute, i love her’And all I write is xxxx hate( him / her )! Xxxx is really annoying.Just like a death note [laughing cry].


  • I was too shy to dare to confess to someone else’s confession, so I had to write notes or something, yes, just like the death note! Small books to write her name hahaha !

* Recently the times have developed. Everyone is not writing a letter. The letter received from everyone is much less than before. Although I am happy to say that I like it on the sns, I still write a letters. [fans: We write!] You write, I don’t have time to look at it! [Fans:EHHHH?!] Because there are too many, so sometimes when I have a mood to read, i will but there is no way to read it in detail, everyone pushes I can’t see all of my messages (I actually think he makes a lot of sense…?)

  • JJ: I saw a picture of SNS compared with my old and now, I also saw it Really well looking, fans tweets Today, Jaejoong said : that I haven’t seen the fans SNS everyday, but On the other hand did you see this tweet yesterday? (Laugh)

* No wonder it’s different today’s remarks! I thought that ‘My talk is 40% talking and my song is 60% singing for my concert but it’s absolutely opposite .

* JJ: Honestly.I don’t know if I can I say this but my friend from Johnny’s bought 30 CDs of my single and asked me to sign it (laugh) Johnny’s also released their CDs on the same day as me right? Even though that he still bought my CD. I am grateful.

* JJ talked to fanboy: I haven’t heard the voice of man for a long time! Please let me hear your voice! Are you so powerless? The female fans let me hear your voice! don’t lose to female Ah again! Oh, this is the feeling! a Male fan said I love you and jaejoong smiled and became very Excited and said “I love you too!”

* Actually, I think the era without mobile phones seems to be better. I used to have only one phone in my house, and I couldn’t access the Internet (who was on the program online dating ? saying that he was 12 years old )

  • Jaejoong is talking about IPhone X I buy a new one but I don’t know how to use ( I bought Iphone X but I didn’t know how to use a lot of it’s features. During the analog era, I have 3 mobile phones! ) sorry for the money is really can do whatever it takes [threw].

* Although I don’t know when the next album will be sold, Although the release date is not decided yet but it’s not going to be a long time. I’ve also said that I’ve always been recording. In fact, I’ve recorded a lot. Only the album just released this time also needs more support from everyone!

* When I was recording the program, I was very polite to say hello to others. They must be thinking, “Who is this foreigner, why is it so gentle and polite?”I want everyone to see that ( I’m more polite! I’m basically a very gentle man, careless This is not enough. I want
everyone in Japan to see that the foreigner is very gentle and polite!

* I’m happy to be introduced as a new singer in Japan. I’m rookie JJ!

* During glamorous sky, after drinking water, he wiped his mouth with a towel and fans screamed. He looks so amused and laughed.

* Backstage : In the middle of changing his clothes Fans can see that the VTR scale is getting bigger and bigger and it may be necessary to take off his pants but he didn’t [Giggle][ok] .

* After the changing clothes time is over . JJ went to the stage again. “Shall I go slowly? “He walked slowly & came close up to the camera “I am going to go (to stage) now! Please wait ♡ Male fans .please wait for me too he said with his sweet voice its dangerous!

* I pretend to take off my pants while having a jacket in my hand when I always change clothes today I pretend to take off my pants without a jacket and worried to pull the jacket down i will be in trouble without it being put to the camera [ Fans : He was cute to say it and laughs ] .

* I’ll change costumes starting in Fukuoka!

* Today I said this costume last day. Maybe because it was hot today But it seems to be a new costume for Fukuoka . Fukuoka stay tuned!

* He is talking about the difference between the fans cheer in Yokohama and Nagoya. Like yesterday fans are a bit restrained (?) when cheering at the start but as the concert progresses, the fans warm up and it made him happy.

* JJ: I wanted to eat a lot of local Nagoya food but I was having a bit of a stomach ache. I eat a little though Tebasaki Recipe (chicken wings) Hitsumabushi (eel), drank a lot of whiskey hahaha after all it’s shochu! ( JJ’s favorite drink at the moment )

*JJ: Don’t eat more than six Ginkgo biloba! Up to five Ginkgo biloba is good for a man thing down there. If you know what I mean  (If you are in good health, don’t want to run?) .

* JJ:it’s been too hot the past few days so I wasn’t feel well because My stomach hurts for 5 days, but after drinking mugichu (barley shochu) so don’t worry I’m fine now.

* JJ: I’ve been living in Japan since February this year I think I’ll be lonely after Nagoya but if I think about it we’re all under the same sky~

  • jj said that he had lived in Japan since February this year lonely? Not
    lonely, aren’t we all under the same sky? and then he sang the phrase “With the emptiness down” (with the same sky) .

* I was happy to say I’m living in Japan right now! I was jokingly When talking to you, but my eyes are serious ^^

* JJ: I wonder if I can come to Nagoya again this year and Male fan come! JJ: Thank you!

* A Male Fan shouted “cool jaejoong san” and jj said “thank you”

* I’ll come to Nagoya one more time this year, but I will not be able to live “event” anymore next  and if I do it I’ll get an album? No, I don’t want  to do that .

* JJ: Maybe in the fall ? But not for a live event, just tour around  That’s why I wonder if it’s like a single tour and album → a national tour? That’s my selfish expectation. Because even if it is going to aim for the new award, another single hit will be necessary and if it is released in about three months after the end of September it’s  just right for the award race, isn’t it? .

* JJ: good morning night is too long. Let us try doing good morning night at various speed. 2x faster, 2x slower.

* Did everyone throw a towel ? Why are you so powerful like that you don’t find someone else’s?!! I will hit someone else’s head? Is there anyone who came here for the first time today? It seems to be quite a lot. Although this section doesn’t know when it has become strange, this song is still not over. It’s just the beginning .

* JJ’s choose (shin_chanchan) to be the leader of the Good Morning Night cheer lol.

* JJ said you debut today. Everyone, please keep quiet and let him sing. [the guy who was with him when he taught how to use the towel in the video ( Here ) ]. he wants him at Photo People season 3 because shin chanchan is so photogenic .

* There is  Fanboy coming with his mother. jj asked all the others in this section to sit down and asked lighting crew to follow fanboy with spotlight and teaching him GMN😂 ‘today is your D-day!”

* (After catching a child) JJ said to him: why don’t you bring a towel ? Now that you are
shy do you know how you look special sitting among all the other girls?

*JJ To Another Male Fan : Did you come alone today ? The people next to you all sit down and tell you not to sit ! the light hit on him, and it was right for him alone. Nowadays! Is your debut day! ! You are the Center here! Everyone is quiet, come and sing good morning night with me!

* (After picking up a man to torture, the goal is transferred to a dad’s son hahaha) Daddy Sang, who was just here, why do you want to see what is behind you? yes, you, don’t look back. do you wanna try (GMN)? Will you try it? Is there a towel? Need my towel? Well, let’s try it once! [GMN 2 times speed] Wow this Daddy Sang did very fast and correctly! compare yourselves to him, you must learn from him! and you guys look at yourself and learn!

* A Fangirl was raised a piece of paper and wrote [Eat melon] and * JJ to a fangirl : I thought i was wrong when i saw the paper  please zoom to her face. zoom in and let everyone see it then zoom in ! Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. Shy! why are you hiding? Why do you want to cover your face ? Let me see your face!

*[ Fan said] In this time, I caught a fangirl but she was very fierce and screaming through the audience to make the middle goose laugh. Hahahaha

*Also The Male fan raised a piece of paper and wrote a ‘towel’.and jaejoong said, ‘A
towel is for you, Then he gave him a towel for the male fan and jj throw it but
everyone grabbed it together!) As a result this towel fell to someone else’s hand and jaejoong said “Please give it to him” .

* [Fans “One more time! Once again”] is everyone okay? Is that band ok too ? [drummer ” no problem! Totally no problem!” it was the drummer who was getting pounded in the Towel Tutorial, and the fans said the drummer knocked cute.

* JJ: it’s been 20, 30 mins for good morning night. The song key is quite high. I have to take care of my throat haha. So I will go to the  requested song next!

* JJ said that I’m going to the Izakaya [ ” wine HouseIzakaya ] often. I went there before. I often try to practice Japanese with people who are next to me. If you meet me, please don’t talk to me. I will take the initiative to talk to you.and I will listen to you While speaking Japanese is difficult In other words paraphrasing “sing” It is rounded Indeed .

* JJ: I wrote the lyrics I’ll protect you and it is a song for Fans and Fans said that they hope that “I’ll protect You” can produce a Japanese CD, and jaejoong said I recording it ! I told you. On the other hand “I will protect you” as  saying “CD out” but There are various copyrights issues” so it seems like CDs made in Korea earlier in the country that made
CD It sounds difficult. it seems that it is difficult to release the Japanese version first in
Korea. So in Japan, It’s a complete original Japanese sound.”

* In Japan, because the Copyrights is very strict, so photography not allowed the flow of photos so fans in other countries may feel very lonely when I’m busy in Japanese activities But after that there will be High-Definition DVDs or media broadcasts, etc. So Please be patient and wait! Maybe the next time it will be a new single – the feeling of
Japan’s tour, if it is still best to visit Asia, because if you want to target newcomers, at least it is a popular single, This is also just good enough to catch up with the newcomer’s award in September.

* Fans thought the song is over and began clapping. and JaeJoong said: Sorry but this song is not over yet hahaha .

* Thank you for spending a wonderful 2 days with me. The next activity in Japan will continue to cheer up . Thank you All!

  • Jaejoong said  toxxnim  and K-Dash company blessings are finally active on the
    show. Today, the company has also come to watch my concert, come on! Win!


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[#PICS|#TRANS] 180630 Kim Jaejoong “The Reunion in Memory _ Nagoya “Day 1


 180630 Kim Jaejoong “The Reunion in Memory _ Nagoya “Day 1 Download FULL


Translation  Jaejoong’s Talk at Nagoya Concert


  1. what Said? that I am handsome? I know , cute? And I know what it’s like to be a man? Of course I know, I am also a person praised words of the mood will be very good ah, everyone is the same? Everyone is very beautiful too!

2 . I’m still very young, so the ability in that area is no longer worry about it, then give yourself a love nickname “strong man” What is strong? That is a very strong matter in that matter hahaha (went without a word ) …Newcomer must be rewarded Still energetic man and Very handsome, very cute, very strong, very capable

3 . I sent a single song before dragging everyone’s blessing to get the oricon second place really thank you as newcomer solo to get this result is really great and I will also strive to do better works for everyone more activities in Japan and I want to take the rookie award I really want to take the Rookie award Ah!

4 . Today, it is estimated that 40% of the time will be talk While watching everyone’s reaction in the chat with you. so everyone if you don’t respond, I’ll be on the stage

  •  Recently I appeared in a lot of  TV programs, . In fact, when others spoke quickly, did everyone have seen sitting in the back of my reaction? Sometimes I laugh at sometimes thinking. Actually…I don’t know about 40% of the time will be talk While watching everyone’s but I still have to laugh with others because everyone laughs and if I laugh. Sometimes you have to give a reaction if you don’t understand it. It
    maybe a little slow for my reaction to “hit dry”. How do you pronounce it again?
    Not dry? “A few?” “Sorry Sorry, (Japanese) the pronunciation is not good ah …” A number of …!! I’m a man who can do what he wants! (Your fork will be waist!) .


5 .  In variety shows, I often say ‘yes yes’, smiling. actually I can’t understand nearly 40% of what they are talking about. But i have to respond. So i smile .

6 . Actually, I’m not really popular because It’s not I’m too handsome,you guys won’t believe I don’t know why I’m not popular, Although everyone is yelling, it’s definitely a lie, but I’m really unpopular. Although the program has not yet aired, I also said this topic on that program. I don’t have many friends. There are boys and girls, but when I go out, no one is sitting next to me! Really unpopular, so when I stood on the stage, I felt that I was really popular and wanted to enjoy this moment! Sure enough everyone’s love is the best!

7 . some kids came to my concerts with mothers ten years ago, now they grow up. Time sometimes is scary. Please come to my concerts with your family more! I won’t change even if I become older (like an uncle)it will not change! recently i saw some of my photos reflecting the differences between now and the past,  Yes, I have seen many people recently seeing the image of my debut,and then comparing it with me now. Some people say that they lookbetter than they used to be. Some people still say that I was ugly
before. It means that I am becoming more and more mature and I am becoming more and more excellent men. (Excellent on two words, said it several times in the middle!)  you guys say i didn’t change. So I become a good grown-up now! I will try my best even when I am in my 40s.

8 . I got many gifts, including many kinds of pants, in various sizes and shapes hahaha Today’s underwear is also what I received from the fans about three
years ago? Show you? How can I show it now? Let’s change the subject for us hahaha

  • Before Yokohama arena received a lot of gifts, first check the staff first, the result… 80% are underwear

9 .  I received Gifts  from fans, of course, staff will check if there is a bomb or something. But in general, 80% of gifts are underpants. It’s really enough to wear a lifetime. There are many shapes, many sizes, enough for a life time! even if I wear one day and then throw it to wear everyday then they are still sufficient for ten years ten years! (There should be applause here?)

10 . Although this event is called ‘concert’but in fact TALK will be very much, may change
the name of the concert into a Talk+ mini concert may be better. maybe a little. 5. People who may have already participated in the concert already know, speak very very much, everybody please look forward to! Honestly, didn’t everyone come to the concert just to listen to the music? Is it okay if someone says, “That guy doesn’t even sing?” Does everybody think it’s okay? “Never mind!! Well , Although I want to listen to music, but also want to listen to my talk, right ~ 6. Ordinary people’s concerts are local, or think about what to say before the stage. But I’m not ready to say anything at all, I’m a capable man! I’m good, ~! It’s amazing~ I’m amazing~!

  • Maybe everyone who has already participated in the concert already knows The speech will be very very much, everyone, please look forward to it! Do you not come to the concert to listen to the song? If it is said by others that “the guy is not singing, he can sing”? Do you think it doesn’t matter? 【It’s ok! ! 】Ok? Although I also want to listen to the song, I also want to listen to me.

11 . honestly are you coming for my songs? is is fine if someone complaints ‘that guy talks too much rather than sings’? it doesn’t matter?(fan:no worries)ha? tho you want to listening to my songs, you also want to talk with me, right?

12 . Recently many people say jj speaks JP better, as if a child makes progress in language after starting talking from 2 years old. it feels like i’m similar to the kids

  •  Recently, I’ve heard people say that they have made progress in Chinese and Japanese, just as children are probably starting Talking from 2 years , right? Then slowly progress more and more speak, feel like they are the same. (I’m still a baby)

13 .  This album’s have two songs everyone which one you Liked? personally it’s too
difficult to decide, but I will see my own pv in the evening. The person in the pv is not myself. Although I am myself, its still healing, i heal myself. Your love is really great! We must also look at more!

  • Everyone has to watch the new song your love PV ? In fact, I really like to watch my own PV, but when I look at it, I always feel that the person is not myself and will be cured.

14 . Many years ago, my fans were young, but now there are a lot of married, everyone please bring your child to come here. don’t worry, even if I become an uncle, I will not change the ~ I’m confident. (Have you ever considered the girls who have been delayed by you)

15 . [Fan: are you hot ?!] JJ : No Now I am not cold, I am not hot at all. haha It’s really so hot… oh I told the truth by mistake , it’s actually very hot. When I sing, I want to talk to you about what I want to do… [Fan: Take off your clothes!] But in the end it’s my own decision to take off my clothes. Please don’t interfere with my freedom! That’s my choice!

16 .  I heard you said ‘jj’s words are too erotic is it that awful? erotic? why are you saying that? I think it is from I released WWW. I showed my coolest and most beautiful appearances during that period. But it was to match WWW, so i changed the style on stage. actually i was not used to it then. i had to pretend to be….when talking. I used
to take off clothes, but i won’t now! it is not that kind of concept
this time!

17 . Actually i don’t like talking erotically, because there are many teenagers. I have to be careful. (Fan: no worries!) jj: why responding?!! i will make my own decision! hahaha

18 .  In fact, I don’t like to talk about erotically , because my concert also has a lot of minors too, must pay attention to AH! [Fan: Never mind!] Why are you answering me? It’s up to me to decide. Even though I’m wearing it today, I received it from a fan about three years ago … [Fan: Show us something!], um …?!! What the hell are you guys thinking? Want me to show you here on stage? This…I’m sorry, but let’s change the subject. What do you think ? (Though you still have to come back now? ) Although there are some other people’s arena that may be able to show you, but my stage is my own decision! I won’t, I won’t do that! Although I am very grateful to everyone for sending me so much underwear… Although I’ve been wearing the underwear , you have given to me for more than ten years…(you’re still skilled).

  • Although it is now communicating with everyone and then deciding
    whether to speak or sing! Although I am very hot! But I won’t take off my coat! It’s up to me to decide! Don’t interfere with this matter!

18 .From the backstage, I heard everyone saying, “It’s too dirty, too bad.” I have so bad? where is the stain! And why do you think I’ve been a dirty boy lately? Actually, ah, I think, everybody thinks that I’m tainted by this thing, probably when it was released on the WWW. The way it was shown to everyone at that time was the most glamorous look I
have ever had, but people didn’t know what kind of person they were in Yet? ! It was in line with “WWW”, so the appearance of the stage at the time was completely changed. To tell the truth, I was very difficult to get used to myself. When I talked, I had to look very loaded and the expression changed. On the stage I will also take off my clothes… now
I will not take off! It will not take off now! This time is not the same theme.

19 .  Just after talking on the stage , he went to the backstage, he took off his clothes and pretended to look like he started to solve the belt. He was pulled the zipper and finished the conversation and then he ran away saying ‘Too shameful’


20.  [VTR] Now it is time to change clothes, Here is the backstage of the big man ~ in! Big people! Waiting room! [After a while…] All right, change it! Well! Uncle style clothes, uncle is in the middle! Yes, this is the feel! (It seems that this sour is very heart-
watery [to steal music]) Oh, it’s a good mood. We received a lot of songs from everyone that I hope to sing it all .


21 .  it is just an event, so there are not many songs. Hope i can release 10 or more singles, then albums, then singles, then selected albums, and there will be many many songs for you guys but i won’t make it if they don’t sell well. it is cruel in japan. (fans: we will buy!)


22 . if you are a playgirl (love other idols), then do it. i will become a better man! will i make it? probably i will become bald next year, but i’m not scared at all! era is changing! doctors will cure me!  but i am a very happy and lucky man. I am sincerely loved by you all. so probably i won’t get bald and maybe 10 years later, i will take part in the variety show 有吉反省会 ( Ariyoshi Hanseikai ) again, and self examine that ‘actually “i’m bald man” and take off  a Wig . hahahaha


23 . I used to follow scripts, Now i’m a newbie but perform so free so thanks to the director who allows me to have such a free concert maybe after 20 or 30 years, i will become a legendary foreign singer in Japan who talks too much in live events to make it overtime .


24 . Due to Mr 松尾’s suggestion, i had meals with chemistry and him. I appreciate it much. He helped me create my voice to sing keshou. I used to have a deeper voice, Mr 松尾 said ‘such a voice is not popular in Japan. you need to explore a voice that japanese like. so i kept practicing and looking for my voice, finally i found this voice suitable for jp songs. so thanks to him! help me create such a good voice! thanks so much! [ Love U ]


25 . Cfans shouted in Chinese ‘how are your parents!’ (are your parents healthy?) jj:  wow i know, you are a Cfan! then translate fan’s words into Japanese, and answered in Japanese “yes they are healthy!’


26 . He said that you use Korean, Japanese, and so on to say that I love you and I can all hear it. pardon? handsome? ha, got it! thanks !


27 . There is a song  Good Morning Night, although many people already
know, but the first time fans still have to practice. If you don’t respond to this song, if you don’t cooperate well with me, there is no way to get high. And it seems to be a bit subtle for everyone to respond to my time, so let’s practice it again! [After practice] This
time is not very good? This exercise is very good! Sure enough, everyone in Nagoya is very difficult to pick up. For the first time, everyone seems to be too excited, but as long as there is once, after practicing once, everyone is very very very very positive response to me! Everyone remembers the feeling just now. I have prepared a towel
this time, let’s take it together! (Juvenile you are happy too soon.)

28. It seems that some fans are still in a daze. There should be some fans who are in a daze, so let’s practice again. [After practice…] I won’t do it, I won’t do it, this song is not extended in Nagoya. Although I don’t know who it is, some people are still in a daze. He
was still in a daze! You have no soul! You are the soul out of it! If everyone doesn’t cooperate with me well, I’m here no matter how excitable it’s no use to run around, ah, everyone is so cool and there is no soul in the way where the whispered but looks like, everybody has a bit of emotion! You cooperate with Ah! (In the middle of the brow, I
found that things are not simple)


29 .Who, who is that man? why is watching behind you! Do you have a towel? Then I will give you my towel. Come and practice. [After intensive training…] Look! Are you doing this very well? ! I have always been watching the audience. (jeajoong is watching you [doge])

30 . Jaejoong Talk To Male fan: why are you so shy? because i’m so handsome? how old are you? 21 ? then why being shy? (pointing at him) and threw towel to him .

  • Is it because I am so handsome to be shy? How old is this year? 21? Why are you shy? Why are you shy with your finger? (You are not shy to say that you are not shy to die personally)


31 . Good Morning Night specifically pointed to (tune) He taught a fan how to behave during GOOD MORNING NIGHT. ( male fan) movements, and later asked him how long have you been my fan’ ? Male Fan : 15 years
jj said: then you don’t have to follow my instructions.! In particular, it allows you to skip the [Like] tune after you have finished the round. If this song is short, it may be half an hour if you are 5 minutes long! That’s right! You are not mistaken! A song for half an hour!


32 . Jaejoong’s kept talking to the 15 YEAR Male fan and asked him to cheer up.
even gave him a towel. finally the fan cheered up and jj said ‘you did
very well, right? I have been watching you guys all the time’


33 . (GMN) still some fans are in a daze! so we need to practice one more time! (after practice) no no no i won’t extend this song any longer in Nagoya! but someone is still in a daze! you seem soulless! if you guys don’t follow me, then it will make no sense whatever I do. come on! sing loud! with your heart! cheer up!


34 . I hope that the soul of those who have no friends can be practiced alone, because it is no way to do. It’s only you, yes, only you are special, then let’s practice it alone. [After intensive training…] Wow, how can you be so calm and so soulless? ? When did you become my fan? 5 years? what? ! 15 years? ! … then you are in a daze… It  doesn’t matter if you are in a daze, I forgive you, it’s okay to stay there until the end. (15 years, of course, choose to forgive him Ah [haha])


35 .  Sure enough, the audience, your position is very obvious, but has not cooperate well, I think we need to practice alone [after intensive training …] is not bad! Your location is not bad. Sitting next to the family is a brother and sister? Not originally? ! Looking at it from here, it seems that everyone has a good relationship, and everyone will
get along well from now on. Haha, although the topic has been far from
GMN, but this song is not over yet. This is the shortest time to sing for 15 minutes, the longest time to sing for 30 minutes, yes, it is a singing for 30 minutes. (Gold teacher wants to catch the children to strengthen training and spend so much time hahaha


36 . This song can last for 5 mins, but i can also sing GMN for half an hour! you heard me! one song for half an hour! (GMN) you guys are in good spirits! Lets cheer up! i heard its hard to cheer you up in Nagoya, but i made it! when i greeted to you at the beginning, you were kind of indifferent. now finally…!


37 . Everybody’s emotional is good, can it be even more, pick it up?! I heard that it was a lot of time for Nagoya to really make everyone get high, but I did! ! I just started to tell you that everyone is good when I was in the middle of the day, and you still look cold and
finally…! (This may be called erroneous?)




Trans Cr : IJAEFANS & Morningj





Your Love 


Boku ga Shinou to Omotta no Wa 


Run away 










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