[#VID] 180420 Kim Jaejoong ON TUNE FUJI TV













  1. The curry w/rice was served to JJ prior to TGM stage.He thought it was too mild, so complained to his staff when he found out there was 3 levels of spiciness.Later he was told that was the spiciest one!
  2. – does spicy food bother your throat before singing? JJ: Yes, but I’m M, so I feel like I have to fight against it and do well! (lol)
  3. JJ likes the woman who can cook well.
    He teased the lady who can only cook two dishes. LOL
    The person who says can cook if she has to. That’s just an excuse because she can’t cook.JJ teased.
  4. JJ hasn’t cooked recently in Japan but he made Katsu don long time ago and did well.
  5. JJ wants to do long live concert. Just singing for a couple of hours isn’t enough. Sing a lot and talk a lot are important for him to communicate with his fans.
  6. If JJ has a week off, he wants to travel to country side in Japan such as Shizuoka, Gunma, When he has 3 days off, he’ll stay at home w/o make up, just UW (if summer) and relax, didn’t wash face for 3 days one time.
  7. When I was newbie, used to practice for one month or so before live to be perfect, but don’t do that much recently. I want to make it more natural flow. That’s more fun.
  8. If it’s decided what I have to talk or how to act, it becomes too formal. Bc I don’t like that, I plan while I’m singing what to do/talk next so I forget the lyrics. Those mistakes are attractive part of the live isn’t it?
  9. – BTW, what did you do when you forgot lyrics? Whoops, did it! Lol Normally, I often have the band so I ask, “excuse me, can we start over again?” -we caught the glimpse of you! You can only see those in the live!
  10. JJ implied he’ll see his fans before June.


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