[#TRANS] 181101 Jaejoong @ Story 12 Magazine Interview


The secret of beauty
White as transparent, smooth skin, impressive look. well balanced body. More beautiful than a woman. That beauty is a sin level. What makes him so beautiful? I will unravel his secret.
He talked about his lifestyle and meals.

Favorite Beauty

【Skin】 “When there is time, I will do a sheet mask. I do not care about those prices and types.
As skin care, I wash my face and use skin lotion only. I used to do a lot in the past, but now it’s simple like just cream or skin lotion, I use only one item. Also, I use a facial mask every day before going to bed. For my skin the mask containing aroma components seems to be nice, and when I use it, my skin will not become to dry. I do them when I relax at home. Sometimes I do two or three times a day.”

【Supplement】 “I like bad things for my body, so I take lots of supplements.
I am taking Vitamin C and E, Omega 3. I heard that Omega 3 is good for prevention of brain diseases and started taking it. I am afraid of invisible diseases, so I have to prevent it. I’m sensitive to cold and easy to swell, so if I hear that the supplement works good for it, I try it.
Then I like alcohol, so I will definitely drink a drink for liver function before drinking, both in Japan and in Korea.”

【Olive Oil】 “When I get up in the morning, it is good to drink olive oil at once with a shot glass. I like meat and carbohydrates anyway. People who take animal oils should take vegetable oils. Because it neutralizes. So sometimes I drink olive oil with a shot glass. It’s not tasty but good for your body. (lol) It works for constipation, it’s the best as it becomes a diet. People who like meat should take olive oil. I recommend it.”

【Sleep】 “I sleep a lot, I don’t put up with something. I also eat my favorite food and drink alcohol.
I drink alcohol and eat something bad for my body, I know I’m not good, but quitting is the most stressful. I do not refrain from drinking and eating not to get overstressed. I sleep a lot on the day off. I’m OK if I sleep about only 3 hours a day when I work, but when the next day is a holiday I decide to sleep, I go to bed anyway. I think that is the best way to recover from fatigue and for the skin.”

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