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[#COMPILATION] 181102 Jaejoong @ ~Secret Code~ in Fukuoka [Final Day]



The concert ended with Lavender PV.

JJ: I was planning to take a break (rest) in November & December but I feel like I’m ready to prepare for the next activities… such as recording etc


JJ’s last message to fans: I shall see you again soon!


He sang Keshou today. Although the setlist is fixed, he asked permission to sing it since everyone wants to hear him sing it. Luckily, his manager agreed.


JJ: we will not have a dvd for the hall tour. It will just be part of our memories. I did a lot of cover songs so it will be difficult to get permission to record the concert.


JJ: The hall tour ends today but I will continue to strive harder after receiving so much love from everyone.


JJ: I have a 5 day break after the tour so I would like to travel. Somewhere where there are only old people or maybe an island?. I’ll do it secretly 😂


JJ: After Hiroshima ‘s volunteer, l secretly came to Fukuoka. I drank in the private room of the bar because I should do this. And I ate a huge ramen but it wasnt tasty. Lol


JJ: My parents are here today. Usually I don’t get nervous when they watch but today… I am nervous. Haha.
[Then they showed JJ’s father on the screen. JJ’s father waved at him]
JJ: My mom said she will be a bit late cos she had a hangover lol.


Jaejoong said that he thinks the last time he’ll sing Defiance on TV will be the Music Fair although he’ll still sing at his future concerts.

JJ: My father is 73 years old. My mother drank 2 cups of cassis orange (it’s a cocktail) and now had a hangover lol.

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