[#CONCERT] Jaejoong @ ~Secret Road~ in Hiroshima Day 1 & 2


  • Jaejoong caught a cold since the day before yesterday My nose is so bad because of this. Before l prepared tissue to use.
  • Jaejoong talked about yesterday’s rumors. There are many people(men/women) in there everyone got roses. There is nothing worry about this.
  • JJ:Yesterday when l see comments about this, l was shock. Do you want to ask about this dont you? cause you saw photos. Roses? Everyone got roses.it looked like there were only the two of us but the truth is not like this’
  • He didn’t give any information yet,but he said he will appear many music programs.
  • JJ: still l didn’t see zoids it’s impossible to wake up at 06:30 and l haven’t to machine to record this l can watch 5 channel. So l will watch this from net.
  • Jaejoong talked Yesterday’s story. I have many friends. l didn’t worried I am careful, but I will be more careful from now. Please say true. I am sorry that I apologize several times
  • Jaejoong said that they are not alone when the photo was taken. He didn’t say how many they were but he said that everybody took photos of the flower it was passed around. “You don’t have to worry!” He said.
  • jaejoong has been sick for 3 days. Colds and runny nose. He almost lost his voice. (Maybe because of the change of climate.)
  • Jaejoong got emotional for the last ment. He was in tears. JJ said sorry that the last song was a bit off.
  • He said that he ate Oyster yesterday and he’s aware that it’s an aphrodisiac
  • Jaejoong said that the photo was taken when they went to Asakusa.




Day 2 

Fukuyama’s Secret Road Day 2 ended after 3 hours and 15 minutes.

  • Jaejoong :There is a person who sent email with photo to learn about story, when l learned l worried but not more. I think l have to go out with male friends. It’s so lonely life. Now you don’t need concern about this
  • Jaejoong :When l was choosing a venue, I asked for a place where l didn’t go before…it could be scary, if there were no fans. But thank you so much for filling the venue so much
  • Jaejoong :Do l have to go outside just with men? Do l have to drink alcohol or eat something just being alone..
  • JJ: This is the only time I can talk and communicate directly with my fans. I really value the time with you. Today was fun!
  • Jaejoong asked how was his Japanese lately. He said he is working hard in learning. He is having a hard time with the right tone to emphasize the emotion. He fine it hard to get angry because it will only sound cute.
  • Jaejoong said that he was scared about Hiroshima. He feared that the seats will be empty. But turns out it got sold out. He was relieved and happy. No empty seats up to the 3rd floor.
  • Jaejoong explained about the reason why he focused on male fans during interactions with the audience: “why, you ask? Because male fans are so few, so I want them to come back home having made memories here!”





Trans Cr : Tvxqsound & yakamoz109 & dhang__madam & sugarautumn 



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