[#TRANS] 180404 Jaejoong JPRIME Interview at “Photo People in PARIS~Le Premier Pas”

“It’s the first time I’m genuinely facing photography. I really practiced a lot in South Korea then we went to shot in France, but it’s difficult. Trying to get close to the world of professionals is difficult.”

Jaejoong appeared for the first time in 8 years on a variety program in SouthKorea with the show Photo People in Paris. (Details omitted about the about exhibition currently taking place in Japan).

During the interview held before the event, Jaejoong and the famous Korean comedian Cho Seho were asked what place left the deepest impression on them during the shooting, and they both answered “Normandy”.

“I rode a horse on a beach”, Jaejoong said. “It was like a dream. The image of Cho Seho riding a horse was also very cute (laughs). His horse was small, about half of the size of the horse that the rest of us were riding”.

“The moment I climbed on it, the horse made a sound like “uuuh”, Seho added, and Jaejoong burst out laughing, enacting the thoughts of the horse that day – “Aaah, so heavy!” Continue reading “[#TRANS] 180404 Jaejoong JPRIME Interview at “Photo People in PARIS~Le Premier Pas””