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[#NEWS] 181017 Jaejoong’s second appearance on “Mステ” with HYDE

Jaejoong, in his second appearance on “Mステ”, will be singing on the same day as HYDE, and is yearning to sing the anime theme song .”The key is high and hard”, he said.

Asahi’s proud music program “Music Station”. On October 19th (Friday) 2 hours special broadcast, Arashi, King & Prince, MONKEY MAJIK×サンドウィッチマン and other popular artists gather and showcase their latest songs.

In his second appearance, Jaejoong will performance “Defiance”, which is an anime opening theme song for the first time on TV. Regarding this song, Jae Joong said he’s thankful for finding this one “I wondered if I could release rock music, but I’m glad I could find a good song”. “The key was a bit high, but, in order to increase the flavor of this song even more, I raised half key further and sang it.” he revealed some secrets of the production.

However, after singing “Defiance” at the live performance afterward, the key was still high and he confessed, “It was painful…”. In addition, he said, “The rhythm was fast, and the Japanese lyrics, that I normally don’t use, were difficult”, repeated trials were made during the live production. “Defiance”, the song that troubled Jaejoong, who boasts overwhelming singing skill. In ‘Music Station 2 Hour Special’, “I’m looking forward for the broadcasting to see what kind of performance I’m attracted to”.

Also, with this two-hour special, he also co-starred with HYDE, of who he professes to be a fan for a long time. Jaejoong had a chance to meet him before, but he was afraid of being too great. With this special co-star, can you get the revenge for that time!? The appearance of Jaejoong sitting nervously in artists’ seat also draws attention.

【Program overview】“Music station”
■ MC: Tamori
■ Broadcast date and time: Every Friday from 8:00PM~9:48P,
■ Friday, October 19, 2018

【Scheduled artists】*In alphabetical order
Arashi “Uta no Uta”
E-girls “Perfect World”
King & Prince “Memorial”
Jaejoong “Defiance”
Superfly “Gifts”
BUMP OF CHICKEN “I want to talk” * Support guest: Ken Sato, Kazuo Takahashi
MONKEY MAJIK×サンドウィッチマン “U Marberus”

source: https://www.excite.co.jp/News/music/20181018/E1539797414797.html
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[#VIDEO & #Download] [ENG Sub + Rom] Kim Jaejoong Sign @ Music Station

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