[#VID|#PIC] 181102 Jaejoong @ ‘Halloween Party 2018’ broadcast on Music On!TV

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[#SNS] 181031 ‘i.hayashi’ Instagram update with Jaejoong


[#PRESSPIC] 181031 Jaejoong @ ‘Halloween Party 2018’


source: http://www.billboard-japan.com/d_news/detail/69341 | https://natalie.mu/music/news/305924

[#INFO] 181031 ‘Halloween Party 2018’, in which Jaejoong performed, will be broadcasted on “Music On!TV” for three consecutive days.

The event will be broadcasted on the segment “Sakidori!”.

📺Date: 10/31, 11/1 & 11/2
Time: 20:00

(The transmission will be repeated in a different time (6:00) after 11/07)


[#COMPILATION] 181029 Jaejoong @ Halloween Party 2018


“I was surprised to see that there were quite a few Jaejoong fans~!
Considering that the big cheers when Jaejoong appeared came out from behind, I guess that the fans bought a ticket when his appearance was announced… Although it was the last announcement, it gathered so many people. It is amazing. He’s loved by his fans.”

“I knew the name, but it’s the first time I listened to Jaejoong
It was insanely good and I love it.
It may be my first time liking Korean people
I want to continue to listen from now on
It was an amazing “Konayuki””

“Jaejoong was cool.
The cheers of the fans were amazing.
He seemed to be happy to set up the same stage as the master
I want to listen to “Konayuki” again”

“Jaejoong-kun “(Since I was appearing for the first time in Haropa (Halloween Party)), I searched videos online, and, even if the focus is in the performers are also, the audience costumes are amazing too”.
“I want to make my makeup more aggressive, it’s my first time and I will lose to everyone… ”

I’m sorry”

“I, as a fan of Ozaki, don’t want anybody other than his son to sing or cover his songs. I’m tricky to deal with, but I have to accept it as his singing was virtually flawless. Jaejoong you are awesome.”

Jaejoong: “It was amazing to see everyone (in costumes and make up). If you invite me again next year, I’ll prepare a lot more (so he will not lose to fans)”

Yoshiki said Jaejoong is cool

When the final part came, he talked with Mr. HYDE, YOSHIK and DAIGO.
HYDE touched Jaejoong hair from behind, it was aaaa.

“Yoshiki said Jaejoong is cool! After saying that, Hyde was tapping Jaejoong ‘s shoulder many times and told he was good, Jaejoong was very embarrassed.
After that, Yoshiki was talking to Jaejoon in English, but that conversation seems to have not been established 🤣”

JJ:”You used to wear something like that before, right?
H: “Oh yeah, did you listen to me during those days?”
JJ: “……….”
H: “Don’t do it, haha”
JJ: “Is Yoshikii’s hair natural hair?”
YS: “Sorry, I got extensions”
JJ: “And Daigo’s costume is?”
D: “Jaejoong, just leave me alone”


2. Just Another Girl
3. 粉雪 (konayuki)
4. Defiance
6. Forget me not


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[#INFO] 181022 Jaejoong will attend the 2018 Halloween Party, together with Hyde and Yoshiki

Location: Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall
Date: October, 28th
Time: 17:00 (JST)

HYDE / ジェジュン / BREAKERZ / 青木隆治 / Shinya (DIR EN GREY, SERAPH) / 逹瑯 (MUCC) /(GREMLINS, NIGHTMARE) / YUKI (Rayflower, DUSTAR-3) / ROLLY / 分島花音