[#NEWS] 181130 Kim Jaejoong won ‘Shining Beauty Idol Award’ award…

Singer Kim Jaejoong was honored with the “Sparkling Beauty Idol Award” at the ‘2018 Cosmo Beauty Awards’ held in Shanghai, China on October 28.

Korean star Kim Jaejoong, who has a lot of fans in Korea as well as in Japan, China and Southeast Asia, got a hot response for his Japanese second single album ‘Defiance’. Kim Jaejoong won the Beauty Visual Idol Award at the Cosmo Beauty Award ceremony, the Asian representative celebrity awards, as well as being featured in Japan’s leading programs ‘Scatto Japan’ and ‘Music Station’.

‘Cosmo Beauty Awards’ is one of the most influential fashion and beauty awards ceremony in China, with celebrities including film, drama, dance, sports and fashion.

Kim Jaejoong, who won the “Sparkling Beauty Idol Award” at the awards ceremony this year, said in an interview before the ceremony, “What is the secret of managing your own body?” When asked, “What I want to eat is a little bit tolerant” .

When Kim Jaejoong appeared on the red carpet, the reaction of the local was very enthusiastic. Kim Jaejoong’s name was also very hot with fans. Kim Jae-joong said, “I want to come to China often and am glad to see the fans after a long time.

Kim Jaejoong has proved to be a hot favorite with Han HanKwang at the biggest fashion and beauty awards ceremony held in China. “The award ceremony is a place where Kim Jaejoong can really appreciate the popularity of Korean Wave and its influence,” said CJ.


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