[#NEWS] 190614 Kim Jaejoong on “Taste of Love Season 2”, the public welcomed his comeback to entertainment after 10 years… next moves?

The expectations for Kim Jaejoong’s future move are rising as he just successfully completed his first variety show for the first time in 10 years.

Kim Jaejoong appeared on TV Chosun’s “The second time we’ve forgotten: The Taste of Love Season 2,” which was aired on Wednesday and allowed his face to shine after a long time.

At the broadcast, Kim Jaejoong said in the morning of “Taste of Love 2” shooting he was in Japan and had to hurriedly step on South Korean soil. He’s currently releasing his first Japanese full-length album and is meeting his fans through an Arena tour.

Despite being his first variety show in a decade, Kim Jaejoong showed off his unusual mouth by watching the cast’s blind dates without a hint of nervousness. The couple Oh ChangSuk and Lee ChaeEun, who are traveling by car, said, “I’ll turn on/play this (the function that warms the car seat) for you,” and Jaejoong added, “I have to learn by writing down ChangSuk’s comments on a memo pad,” causing laughter. However, he couldn’t help but getting shocked by the ChangSuk’s heavy words and jumped to his feet, damaging his chair. Continue reading “[#NEWS] 190614 Kim Jaejoong on “Taste of Love Season 2”, the public welcomed his comeback to entertainment after 10 years… next moves?”

[#NEWS] 190614 Kim Jaejoong Talks About His Ideal Type During 1st Korean Variety Show Appearance In 10 Years


Kim Jaejoong shared stories about his love life and described his ideal type on TV Chosun’s “Taste of Dating.”
On the June 13 episode, the singer appeared as a special guest and marked his first appearance on a Korean variety show in 10 years.
The MCs welcomed Kim Jaejoong to the show and asked him if he was currently dating. “I’m currently not able to date,” answered Kim Jaejoong. When asked about the last time he dated, he coyly pretended not to remember.
As for his ideal type, he replied, “I honestly don’t really look at appearances. You know how Park Na Rae appears a lot on TV these days? I asked [comedian] Lee Jin Ho if I could meet her personally and Lee Jin Ho said, ‘You may be disappointed if you meet her in person.’” When MC Choi Hwa Jung asked why he wanted to meet the comedienne, Kim Jaejoong answered, “I like charming people.”
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목요일 오후 11시 TV조선 “연애의 맛”시즌2 많은 시청 부탁드립니다^^


Thursday 11 pm TV Chosun “Taste of  Love ” Season 2, please watch it lots^^


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[#PICS] 190612 Jaejoong @ Hominis Magazine

“What experiences shocked Jaejoong during his national tour? Kagoshima freedom!”


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[#SNS] 190612 ‘tv_lovedate2’ Instagram update with Jaejoong

❤️Taste of Love 2❤️. I have been flying to Korea to see the taste of love ✈️✈️ Kim Jaejoong’s appearing on Korean entertainment in 10 years!❤️ . #연애의맛시즌2 #김재중”

“❤️연애의 맛 시즌2❤️ . 연애의 맛을 보기위해 한국으로 날아왔다✈️ 김재중 10년만에 국내 예능출연‼️ 재중의 연애의맛은?🥰❤️ . #연애의맛시즌2 #김재중”

[#NEWS] 190612 Jaejoong to appear on Korean TV after 10 years.

Kim Jaejoong will join the panel on the TV drama program “The Second Time we Forgot: The Taste of Love” (Season 2 of Love), and will meet with MC Choi, Hwa-jung and Park.

On July 7, the news of Kim Jaejoong’s return to domestic TV entertainment after 10 years became a hot topic and got a lot of interest online. He finished the studio shooting last week.

Kim Jaejoong confirmed his appearance on season 2 of “Taste of Love”, a new concept of reality show in which single Korean stars who have forgotten their love are searching for a new one one with their new ideal partner. Kim Jaejoong will watch their blind dates and dating process from the studio.

Kim Jaejoong received lots of love from viewers because of his extraordinary leadership, friendliness, and open-minded charm through the seasons 1 and 2 of the web variety show ‘Photo People’, that became a hot topic with his appearance of domestic entertainment after 8 years. In addition to appearances in several entertainment programs not only in Korea, but also in Japan, he captivated his fans general audience as well with his fluent Japanese and outgoing/sensuous attitude, emerging as a “Blue Chip” (synonymous of quality, reliability, and the ability to act in good times and bad) of local variety shows.

In the meantime, the broadcast date of Kim Jaejoong’s appearance on “Love Season 2” has been confirmed, and many anticipation is being added. On his social media, he encouraged “I’m going to feature this show’s broadcast, and the season 2 is very funny, so I would like to have a lot of views”. Kim Jaejoong is expected to appear in Season 2 of ‘Love Taste’ tomorrow, June 13th.

The official representant said, “Even after 10 years with performing on Korean entertainment, Kim Jaejoong acted as an atmosphere maker with a unique attitude and distinctive witty appearance. Look forward for Jaejoong as panelist on this broadcast”.

On the other hand, the channel announced that Kim Jaejoong is expected to be a big success with his TV appearance after 10 years. “The Second Time we Forget: The Taste of Love” with Jaejoong will be broadcasted tomorrow (13th) and every Thursday at 11:00PM.


Kim Jaejoong is getting a lot of attention because of his return to Korean entertainment after 10 year with his appearance on Taste of Love 2, which will be broadcasted tomorrow (13th).

Kim Jaejoong will join the panel of the TV drama program “The Second Time we forget: The Taste of Love”, along with MC Choi, Hwa Jung and Park Jae-rae.

In the last shooting day on the studio, he watch the dating process of single stars and their ideal types.

Kim Jaejoong showed support to ‘Taste of Love 2’ through the official SNS of his agency.

Cr trans: ijaefans
Source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/213/0001111393 | https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/011/0003568666

[#NEWS] 190607 Jaejoong will be featuring on TV Chosun’s “The Taste of Love 2” As a panel

Kim Jaejoong will appear on TV Chosun’s variety show ‘Taste of Love 2’ as a panelist! 
A TV official said, “Kim Jaejoong will appear on the ‘Taste of Love 2’ as a panel on June 7th, and there is no change in other cast members.”
‘Taste of Love 2’ is a new concept love and arts program for 100 years of love dating from the Korean singles stars who have forgotten their love. Currently, actors Go Joo Won, Oh Chang-Suk, Lee Hyung-Chul and singers Jang Woo-Hyuk and Cheon Myung Hoon are appearing.
Kim Jaejoong will join the panel and watch the blind date and dating process in the studio. It is noteworthy how Kim Jaejoong, who has been in the performing arts outing for a long time, will show his appearance.
Meanwhile, ‘Taste of Love 2’ is broadcast every Thursday at 11 PM.

✏ ‘Taste of Love’ Season 2:
Broadcast later in June
MC: Park Na Rae, Choi Hwa Jung
Casts in dating: Go Joo Won, Oh Chang Suk, Lee Hyung Chul, Jang Woo Hyuk (H.O.T & JTL member), Cheon Myung Hoon

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[#SNS] 190602 Jaejoong’s IG Updates

IG Story 

update 1



Let’s eat

Update 2



Let’s cook and eat


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Twitter Update




“Wakayama!! Thanks for the 2 days!!

I mean it’s raining again☔😭

Please come safely, everyone.

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[#SCANS] 190527 Jaejoong’s Interview for 『WITH 』July issue Special Edition & Magazine


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[#SNS] 190522 & 23 Jaejoong’s Twitter & INSTAGRAM Updates

Jj_Information update 



Thank you very much

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[#SNS] 190522 Jaejoong’s IG Update

늘 곁에 있어줘서 감사합니다
감사함에 무감각해지지 않을거에요


Thank you for always being by my side
I will not become numb to gratitude


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[#Video|#Photos] 190520 Jaejoong at Gimpo Airport Heading to Japan


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